Sacred Heart School History

In 1878, the Notre Dame Sisters of Milwaukee arrived in Cullman and opened the School for Catholics and non-Catholics.  By 1879, their enrollment was 100 students.  For twenty years Sacred Heart School was staffed by the Notre Dame Sisters.  In 1898, the Benedictine Sisters began to staff the school.  

The present school building was dedicated in 1950; construction began in 1948.  Presently, 193 students are enrolled in grades 3K through 6th.

 In the summer of 1977, the first German Festival in the City of Cullman was born at Sacred Heart School commemorating the school’s 100th anniversary.  Two years later, the City of Cullman Oktoberfest Committee was formed.  This Oktoberfest celebration has grown and has become an annual event for the school, the parish, and the City of Cullman.

The Leven of the Immaculate Heart of Mary nuns, an institute of the Alliance of the Holy Family, International, began teaching during the 2014 - 2015 school year. They also work with local homeschooling and Hispanic communities affiliated with Sacred Heart Parish.