Sacred Heart Cemetery

The German Catholic Cemetery was established by Fr. Meurer shortly after his arrival to Cullman in 1877.  The oldest grave is November 18, 1877, marking the burial of Anselm Fretz, Grand Dukedom of Baden.  The original cemetery encompassed approximately five acres, situated between 8th and 9th Streets Southeast at 8th Avenue.  Though no deed has been recorded, legend has it that Col. John Kullmann, founder of the city, appropriated this tract for the church at the edge of town in the Fromhold Addition.  He also set aside the land for the City (public) Cemetery at the west end of 9th Street.

In 1998, more land was purchased for expansion of the cemetery, bringing the total to approximately ten acres.   New sections are being developed and improvements are on-going.  A Land Management plan has been prepared to achieve maximum utilization of the property.  Plans are underway to build several Columbaria and to create a memorial garden with Stations of the Cross.  A new wrought iron fence was added in 2021.  Contact is Mark White at 256-338-9950.