Parish Council

The Parish Council assists the Pastor in an advisory role in deciding how the parish can best carry out its mission. Following the directives of Vatican Council II that “the laity should accustom themselves to working in the parish in close union with their priests”, the Parish Council assists the Pastor in identifying opportunities, challenges, problems and solutions as together they strive to carry out the Parish Vision. The Council meets every other month on    Thursday  at 6:30 PM in the Conference Room of the Parish Office. 

Council Chair is Bob Wasilewski  256-507-1339. 

Secretary is .  


Parish Council 2022

Front Row L to R: Carolyn Branch, Katie Clemmons

Back Row L to R:  John Burrows, Phil Frappaolo, Rev, Patrick Egan, O.S.B., Pastor, Wayne Fuller, Rickey Kreps, Deacon Kem Kreps, Andy Graveman

Missing:  Edgar Veigl, John Arndt, Keith Messick, Patrick Whatley, Rita Calderson, Shawna Norman, Bob Wasilewski, Jeronimo Silva