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The Catholic Corner

How to Replace God

Posted by Pam Rice on 6/23/17

How to Replace God

God Yes, Me No

Posted by Pam Rice on 6/13/17

God Yes, Me No

The Protection of the Pack

Posted by Pam Rice on 5/16/17

The Protection of the Pack

In today’s world, much is made of our culture’s unwillingness to follow “rules”. This is often cited by Millennials and teenagers as a reason why they pay no attention to church or religion as a whole.

In order to get a better look at ... Read More »

So You’d Like To Be An Apostle?

Posted by Pam Rice on 5/12/16

Let’s imagine for a moment that each of us had been selected to be one of the original Apostles. What would that have been like?

Well, let’s ask one.

After toiling in thankless jobs for most of our early lives, we encounter an itinerant preacher who tells several of ... Read More »


Posted by Pam Rice on 4/07/16

El tiempo pascual comprende cincuenta días (en griego = "pentecostés", vividos y celebrados como un solo día: "los cincuenta días que median entre el domingo de la Resurrección hasta el domingo de Pentecostés se han de celebrar con alegría y júbilo, como si se tratara de un solo ... Read More »

Divine Mercy - How to Get a Great Deal

Posted by Pam Rice on 4/07/16

Divine Mercy


How To Get A Great Deal


Divine Mercy Sunday, celebrated a week after Easter, is looming large on the horizon. As Catholics, we bandy the term “Divine Mercy” about quite a bit; regrettably, we must admit that often we know little or nothing about the topic.

The whole idea of mercy can make us a bit squeamish; after all, if we require mercy, that is a clear admission of our guilt. In today’s culture, guilt is a concept that is very much out of ... Read More »

A Priest Forever

Posted by Pam Rice on 4/07/16


I have been asked to record in this space my observations on our faith, our parish, and our world. I pray fervently that my scribblings may be perceived as interesting, amusing, and, dare I say, educational.

Sacred Heart parish has been extraordinarily blessed in recent ... Read More »


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